If you need power for a professional jobsite or want to ensure that your personal project gets finished, trust a Honda generator. Choose from the super quiet and very portable EU series to power your task. Don't forget that the EB series is also available to run a wide variety of work site tools. Look to the EG Series for power you can load up and take right to your workplace.

Honda Power
  1. EU2200ITAN1

    Inverter Generator 2200 Watt 49 ST



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  2. EG2800IAG

    Inverter Generator 2800 Watt



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    • 2800 watts (23.3A) of Honda Inverter 120V AC Power
    • Quiet - 62 dB(A) to 67 dB(A)
    • Lightweight, less than 68 lbs.
    • Eco Throttle - Runs up to 11.9 Hr on 2.14 Gals of Fuel

  3. EG6500CL1

    Commercial Generator 6500 Watt



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    • FREE Shipping / Price Match Guarantee
    • 6500 Watts 120/240V
    • Honda-exclusive Digital Auto Voltage Regulation
    • Honda GX390 commercial engine
    • Protected by Honda Oil Alert®

  4. EG6500CL1-WK

    Commercial Generator 6500 Watt



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  5. EB10000AG

    Industrial Generator 10000 Watt



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    • FREE Shipping / Price Match Guarantee
    • 10000 watts (83.8/41.7A) 120/240V
    • Honda-exclusive iAVR (intelligent auto voltage regulation)
    • DAVR (digital auto voltage regulations)
    • 120/240V Selector Switch